Wishing Selena Gomez the Best in her Lupus Journey

I hate it when certain people want to make other people’s personal tragedies all about themselves, but I feel compelled to mention, since rheumatic and autoimmune diseases are a very important cause to me personally and professionally, that Teen Vogue has once again quoted in me in an article relating to Selena Gomez’s struggle with lupus.

I heard the breaking news yesterday that she was canceling her tour and taking some time off from her career, and I sadly was not at all surprised when I heard that lupus was the reason why.

Today Teen Vogue covered the story and referenced my work as Arthritis Ashley, and also quotedprevious statements I gave to the magazine about Ms. Gomez (and lupus in general) this past spring.

Here’s the link.

And best wishes/happy healing to the talented and beautiful singer and actress, Ms. Selena Gomez.


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