Arthritis Ashley Awards & Nominations: I Need Your Help!

Friends, I’m feeling so lucky and blessed lately!

First off, thank you to HealthLabs for naming this blog a Top 100 Health Blog! I am so flattered to be among such esteemed company! I am number 57 on the list.

Secondly, thanks for all who nominated me for a WEGO Health Award! I now need you to go Endorse Me. An endorsement only takes a moment and is considered a Vote. I am nominated in 3 categories for the WEGO Health Awards: Best in Show Twitter, Lifetime Achievement, and Patient Leader Hero. So thanks to WEGO and to all of you who nominated me — and please consider endorsing me, as well! Just go to this link and click “Endorse Arthritis Ashley,” then follow the very easy instructions to cast your vote (endorsement.)

Last, but not least, I am thrilled to be a finalist in the Pittsburgh City Paper Best of 2017 Awards in the Best Local Writer category. I thank you all who nominated me for this amazing award; I’d be super-excited and so honored and grateful to win something for my passion, which is writing. Just log in to the ballot, go to the Culture and Nightlife category, find the Local Writer Award Nominees, and click “vote” for me, Ashley Boynes-Shuck as #CPBestOfPgh Best Local Writer. And then please encourage your friends to vote and share, as well! Click here.

Pretty pretty please give me a WEGO Health Awards endorsement and a City Paper Best of Pittsburgh vote! I truly appreciate your support. Pinky promise.

Thank you in advance, and please do let me know how I can return the favor!!!!!!

PS: If you were interested in my Thermotex promo, the discount codes and free shipping are only good through 8/15, so it’s time to get on it, folks! 🙂

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