Moving Together for a Cure

It’s finally here…Arthritis Walk Season in the Mid Atlantic Region!  After a long, extra snowy winter, the Arthritis Walk season kicked off this past weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina.   We’re excited, now more than ever for the Arthritis Walk because it’s time to move!  There are walks all over the Region that you can join-but the best part about the Arthritis walk, is how much arthritis awareness that we can bring to the Mid Atlantic Region.

Awareness and knowledge are powerful tools when trying to start a movement and we want to bring arthritis awareness to the tip of this country’s mind!  By 2030, an astonishing estimate of 67 million people in the US will have some form of arthritis…..67 MILLION!  Shocking number, I know!   The first time I heard that number a few weeks ago, I thought I misheard.  That number just seems too big….Good news is, there are 20 years between now and then….so there has to be a way to change that number-right??  I think so!  Move!

Let’s get this Arthritis Movement started now and try and change that number.  Let’s educate and excite people that moving is the best medicine in preventing and reducing the progression of arthritis.  That moving, exercise and a healthy weight can ease the pain of arthritis.  We’re working on a campaign with Comcast Spotlight right now to help increase that awareness, and at the very core of the campaign, you’ll find the word “MOVE.”  It’s a simple word that holds so many meanings and we want to use every last one of them.

Let’s move to use the power of our voices. The more arthritis awareness we spread, the louder and further our voice will move.  We can move the government to spread awareness about the urgency of research dollars that are needed and programs to help encourage more rheumatologists and pediatric rheumatologists across the country and to get Americans moving together to bring a healthy movement across the country!

MOVE!  Movement starts with the power of one.  Help us get this movement started by bringing your friends and family out to one of our Arthritis Walks this spring and let’s move together for the cure and awareness of arthritis!

Have you checked out our Ad Council Campaign about moving??  Check it out here:  http://www.fightarthritispain.org/ It’ll get you moving!

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