Rain or Shine…We’re Walking!

I’m always amazed by the dedication of our volunteers, staff and supporters!  When it comes to walks, and chilly and rainy weather…I know I second guess that alarm when it goes off early in the morning when I could stay under the covers for just a few more minutes and stay warm!  But then I think about what I’m actually getting out of bed for-Moving Together, walking for a cure, and raising awareness for the 1-in-3 people affected by arthritis, and I jump right out of bed!

I’d like to introduce you to Roger Carr, one of our beloved volunteers and wonderful photographers who comes out to our events.  Below is a blog that he wrote about the Richmond Walk that took place a couple weekends back.  Roger’s blog highlights what our walks are truly about: getting the conversation started about arthritis and bringing people together.  Also take a second to check out a You Tube Video that Roger created from the pictures he took!



It rained on the morning of the Richmond Arthritis Walk, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the many who turned out to support the fight against arthritis.

The charity walk event was held on April 24, 2010 at the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Medical Center at Stony Point in Richmond, Virginia. The Arthritis Walk is the signature fundraising event for the Arthritis Foundation.

The area was filled with music, food and fun. Just seeing the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile put a smile on my face as I arrived at the charity event. The participants were led in a Tai Chi warm up exercise routine just before walking the three-mile or optional one-mile course.

One thing I found very interesting and exciting is that the Arthritis Foundation is now accepting donations via text messaging. This event was the first one to offer the service to participants. I wrote about the importance of this donation technology a couple of years ago at http://www.everydaygivingblog.com/2008/05/mobile-giving.html.

I enjoyed being a part of the Richmond Arthritis Walk. If you were not able to be there, watch the slide show below to view some of the pictures I captured at the event. Consider getting involved in an Arthritis Walk near you.

The Arthritis Foundation is addressing the needs of some 46 million Americans living with arthritis, the nation’s most common cause of disability. To learn more about how to get involved in an Arthritis Walk in your area, go tohttp://LetsMoveTogether.org.



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