Getting the Support you Need Online – by Ashley Boynes-Shuck

There are many ways to use the Internet to find information about different types of arthritis.

However, another added benefit to surfing the web is that you can find all kinds of helpful support groups and communities of people just like yourself who are dealing with arthritis, chronic pain, and/or rheumatic diseases.

Facebook has a huge community of people who live with chronic illness, and Twitter often has “tweet chats” devoted to various illnesses, including arthritis.

There are even entire websites devoted to living with arthritis, where you can post to forums and discussion boards to talk about your ailments and your feelings.

The Arthritis Foundation always wants you to feel free to use our social networks and website to reach out to others who are dealing with the same thing you are, but we would also love to hear what other resources you use online to cope with life with arthritis.

Please leave a comment below and share your favorites with us, remembering that you are NOT alone!

Be Well,

Ashley Boynes-Shuck


What’s YOUR weapon against arthritis?

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Arthritis is Unacceptable.

Let’s all unite against arthritis. Together, we will achieve the vision of a world free from arthritis

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