My #RouseyRevolution Story


Dear Ronda Rousey,

You will not see me in the boxing ring or an MMA cage.

You won’t see me training for hours on end at the gym, or running a marathon, or lifting heavy weights.

But, trust me: I know how to fight.

I have dealt with several (several meaning over 40) doctor-diagnosed health conditions since I was ten years old — most of which are chronic, with no end in sight. I have been called a medical anomaly many times. Like Ronda Rousey, I have had to overcome one obstacle after another to get to where I am in life. Like Ronda Rousey, I never took my eye of the goal. Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, chronic migraine syndrome, POTS, sjogren’s syndrome, celiac disease, and more, may keep me from being able to be a stellar athlete. But I show my strength in other ways: undergoing brain surgery, going through excruciating bone marrow biopsies, wearing foot braces and having painful bone and joint injections.

I am a champion of my own life.

Sure, I had to take a step back from most sports. Yes, I tend to compare myself to others, athletically-speaking. (It’s hard not to, when your husband is a personal trainer and many of your friends are runners and fitness fanatics.) But, I haven’t let physical obstacles prevent me from chasing my dreams.

Like Ms. Rousey, I was born with some health issues and battled/continue to battle an invisible disability. Like Ms. Rousey I can’t be put into one simple box. She’s a UFC and a judo champion, a model, an author, and an actress. She’s a star. But she’s not just one thing (and she’s DEFINITELY not a D.N.B!)

I’m not just one thing either: I’m also a published author. I’m an animal advocate, a health coach, a patient advocate, an award-winning blogger, a fashionista, a public speaker, and a social media consultant. I’m not a D.N.B, either, though some days my illnesses make me feel like it. Sure, there are people with sadder stories than mine, and there are people who are physically tougher and more impressive. I know that it could always be worse, and I know that I could always be better.

But like Ronda Rousey, one thing that remains true is that I stay true to myself. And despite my own body often trying to hold me back, I WILL NOT FAIL.

Throughout all of my struggles I was able to reach my dream of being an author (of three published books and many articles) and I have cultivated a happy life for which I am grateful, and of which I am proud. My fight is against my own body (that’s what autoimmune illness is!) and my fight is the same as many others like me, who don’t look sick, but are fighting a battle within.

Thanks for allowing me to share my story and thank you Ronda Rousey for being a strong, fierce female who other women can relate to. Your fortitude is something to be admired and a quality that I strive to have, too.

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