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Spryngs by Brevani: Elegant Arthritis-Friendly Rings for Swollen Fingers


Spryngs by Brevani’s tagline is “elegance that fits comfortably for a lifetime.” I love that, because it encapsulates what this brand is all about. This upscale high-end fine jewelry line has finally come out with rings that have the arthritis patient in mind. Actually — their beautiful jewelry is well-suited to anyone whose ring size may change, whether due to arthritis swelling and deformities, to weight gain, pregnancy, or any other reason.

You wouldn’t buy a belt with just one hole, so why buy an expensive ring that won’t stand the test of time through all of life’s ups and downs — including the ups and downs of a changing ring size?

Don’t get me wrong: these beauties are an investment. But they are worth it — and so are you! Don’t let illness or disability steal your pretty or dim your shine. These are diamonds that really ARE forever, unlike some rings that won’t fit once arthritis or swelling strike your hands.

Brevani let me try out Spryngs rings and I’m OBSESSED — I especially love the spiral design. See, this is a personal issue for me. Aside from the fact that I love fashion and have written about the need for adaptability, accessibility, and ergonomic design in shoes, clothing, jewelry, accessories, and beauty tools, I also have my own experience with rings getting stuck.

In fact, a chapter of my book Sick Idiot (which is on sale at a discounted rate now!) is actually called “That Time I Got Married And My Ring Got Stuck.” (Because, well, it did. It wasn’t a Spryngs by Brevani ring, obviously.)

Also, my late, beloved grandmother Nana (Eileen) had to go to the hospital once to get her engagement ring and wedding band sawed off her arthritic fingers because it was stuck and cutting off her circulation, all due to swelling. She had RA. If she’d also had a Spryngs ring, she wouldn’t have had that issue, most likely.

Listen, I know not everyone can just go out and splurge on a 14K gold ring embellished with real quality diamonds and fine, precious gemstones. Many of us have medical expenses and bills from medications or doctor visits. Some people with RA and other forms of arthritis also can’t work and may be on a limited income. I’m not out of touch — I realize all of that and am sensitive to it. I get it. I understand. I can relate.

BUT if you have some savings or a credit card and you can afford it, or you and your partner or family already have a budget set aside for wedding bands, an anniversary ring, or push present, OR if you just want to treat yo’ self and invest in a forever-ring, I can offer you a discount through my partnership with Brevani.

Get ready — I’ve got those Promo Codes coming …

Ready to shop now? Until 11:30pm EST on Thursday, May 10, 2018, you can use code ASHLEY15 at checkout for 15% off plus FREE 3-day shipping. (This could be an ~amazing~ Mother’s Day gift, too!)

Not ready to get your bling on just yet but plan on buying a ring soon? If you go to and sign up for the website (just enter your email — it’s easy, safe, secure, and free) you will get a 10% off code emailed to you, that you can use from now until July 30, 2018.

These really are great discounts. I can attest to the fact that these rings are super COMFY in addition to being stylish. They also come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Woo-hoo! 🙂

They don’t pinch the skin, and they expand up to 1.5x the original size due to a patent-pending design that allows the ring to enlarge and accommodate for any swelling. I ever even thought of a ring that would compensate for my joint problems. In fact, I bought a cheap wedding band that’s bigger than my original set, just because my original wedding band and engagement ring are now a little too snug. I wish I’d initially gotten a Spryngs by Brevani ring instead. (Although — they weren’t around just yet! 😉 )

Anyway, check out their website And hey — you don’t need to have arthritis or “fat fingers” to wear these — they’re gorgeous and comfortable for anyone and everyone! Really timeless, classic, and elegant, with a modern twist. Just too pretty.

Also go on my Instagram (@ambshuck) and check out hashtag  #spryngsxarthritisashley for more. I’ve been sharing on my Arthritis Ashley Facebook (you may have even seen some ads we have done together!) and Twitter, too, including a FB Live Chat last week and more to come.

So, enjoy!  Let me know if you have any questions.



This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Brevani.

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