#Longread: The Emotions of Thinking and Talking About Illness
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#Longread: The Emotions of Thinking and Talking About Illness

I’ve written and posted before about hiding our pain to spare the feelings of others, and many similar topics of conversation. I have also written about the emotions of guilt, resentment, and burden that can accompany a lifelong illness or disability. I decided to revisit the topic and reframe it in a couple of new ways. The first … Continue reading

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Pay It Forward: Can Being “Nice” Be HEALTHY Too? The Science Behind Selflessness

Today is National “Pay It Forward” Day. This initiative encourages all of us to do one good deed for 1 to 3 other people, expecting nothing in return. You could pay for a stranger’s food or coffee at a drive-thru, buy an extra Christmas gift for a child in need, leave an anonymous gift in … Continue reading