Rant Time: Don’t “Quantify” the Sick Girl
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Rant Time: Don’t “Quantify” the Sick Girl

You know how it’s rude to say things like, “you throw okay … for a girl.” Or, “you run pretty fast … for being so big.” It’s also somewhat insulting to say things like, “wow! You’ve accomplished so much … despite being sick.” No, I haven’t accomplished a lot “for being a sick girl.” I’ve … Continue reading

Healthline.com: On World Arthritis Day, Patients and Caregivers Come Together
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Healthline.com: On World Arthritis Day, Patients and Caregivers Come Together

World Arthritis Day was celebrated across the world on October 12th, 2014. Read more about World Arthritis Day and the various initiatives surrounding this special day, here: http://www.healthline.com/health-news/world-arthritis-day-101214 Patients and caregivers of all ages and ethnicities came together to advocate for the 100+ conditions listed under the umbrella term, “arthritis.” Learn more. Continue reading


Walking on Eggshells When Someone You Love Has Chronic Illness or Disability – by Ashley Boynes-Shuck

Sometimes, when someone lives with chronic illness, chronic pain, or a disability such as arthritis, lupus, or other rheumatic illnesses, the “normal” or “healthy” people around them feel the need to “walk on eggshells.” What better time than now, as Easter is upon us, to discuss this very topic? I, for one, have always wanted … Continue reading

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Autoimmune Overlap Syndrome – Yes, There IS Such a Thing! – by Ashley Boynes

I recently was told that I have “autoimmune overlap syndrome.”  This is exactly what it sounds like. Whereas most people have 1 or 2 autoimmune conditions, I, like many other “spoonies” out there, have been dealt a whole slew of them. Basically, what this is, is when you have one “primary” condition and a few … Continue reading