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A Nation Unaware: We Need To Increase Juvenile Arthritis Awareness – by Ashley Boynes

“She’s just a hypochondriac.” “He’s lying.” “It’s all in their head. They just want attention.” “You’re faking!” “Oh,  you’re too young for arthritis.” These are all phrases that children and teens with juvenile arthritis will, unfortunately, come across many times during the course of their lives and their illness. Even the adults that these kids … Continue reading

Advocacy / Arthritis / Arthritis Foundation / Awareness / Personal Stories / Uncategorized / Wellness

“The Others” – What Do Our Healthy Friends & Family Members Feel About Our Arthritis? – by Ashley Boynes

Sometimes living with arthritis affects “innocent bystanders” nearly as much as it affects those of us living with it, but sadly they often get left by the wayside in the hurricane of all that comes with dealing with a chronic illness. We, as the patients, want to only view our condition from our own personal … Continue reading