All About the Autoimmune Registry
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All About the Autoimmune Registry

Guys, I’m really excited to be working with a great new 501c3 nonprofit called The Autoimmune Registry. We are in the process of  creating a hub for research, statistics, and patient data on all autoimmune illnesses. We also aim to establish prevalence of these disease, as right now the estimates for autoimmune disease prevalence are all … Continue reading

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Arthritis and Chronic Illness – We Have It, It Doesn’t Have Us! – Ashley Boynes

Life with chronic illness is tough. But we have arthritis, it doesn’t have us. The same goes for any condition or disability that you might be fighting …. from fibromyalgia, to diabetes, celiac disease, to multiple sclerosis, to lupus, scleroderma, ankylosing spondylitis, myositis, felty’s syndrome, sjogren’s, thyroid disease, bipolar disorder, cancer, and more. There are … Continue reading