A Very High or Very Low BMI Could Make RA Remission More Difficult
Uncategorized A Very High or Very Low BMI Could Make RA Remission More Difficult

Did you know that your BMI, or Body Mass Index, could affect your rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and disease activity? It can. Having a very low or very high BMI could make RA remission more difficult, and can also be considered a risk factor for the disease. To learn more, check out my latest Healthline article … Continue reading

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Arthritis and Obesity (And Dr. Phil) – What’s the Deal? Get the Facts – by Ashley Boynes-Shuck

 Does Dr. Phil need to “get real?” Or, did he just….make a mistake? Recently, Dr. Phil made a comment on his television show that enraged some people with RA. He indirectly claimed that an obsese child could face a whole host of health problems caused by his obesity…. including rheumatoid arthritis. Of course, being overweight … Continue reading

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Water Aerobics and Aqua Exercise: Fun Fitness for All Ages and Abilities!

Water aerobics are a great way to keep moving and a fun, fit way to start your new year off right!  Yes, the Arthritis Foundation offers aquatics programs – and, yes, many senior citizens and older folks have arthritis. But, as we know, people of ALL ages can get arthritis, too – and water aerobics … Continue reading