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The Gift of Caring – How to Give Back This Holiday Season! – by Ashley Boynes

The holiday season is the perfect time to “give back” and show others – friends, family, and even strangers – how much you care!

If there’s someone on your holiday shopping list who is impossible to buy for, why not consider donating to a charity – like the Arthritis Foundation – in their name?

Or, how about donating your time to an organization that YOU personally care about? Volunteering is the perfect way to give back during the holiday season – or any time of the year! We are ever grateful for our dedicated and thoughtful volunteers who know that the gift of time and of caring is just as important as financial gifts. The Arthritis Foundation is always seeking volunteers, so if you want to turn over a new leaf in 2011, contact us to find out how you can help!

In the new year, you could also resolve to just BE THERE for someone dealing with any of the forms of arthritis, or other chronic illness or disability. For those who are shut-in, bedridden, handicapped, or just lonely, give the gift of your time and your friendship. Visit with them. See if they need any help around the house, or need a ride to a doctor’s appointment. Check in on them via phone, email, or by sending a little greeting card or note. Let them know that they are not alone!

If you have arthritis or another condition, remember this holiday season to give back to your caregivers and those in your support system. Let your doctors know that you appreciate them by giving them a card. If you can’t afford a gift for your caregivers, just give them a hug or write a heartfelt note to let them know how much their help or support means to you. You can give gifts like these without spending a dime, and they warm the soul just as much as a tangible “present,” if not more!

If you want to give a gift to the Arthritis Foundation, consider doing some good this holiday season, and warm your heart up in these chilly winter months by donating to our ACTION Million Dollar Campaign for arthritis.We’ve put it on our wish list for you and your friends to text the word ACTION to 27722* to donate $10 or by going to  (*Remember that standard text messaging and/or data rates will apply.) There’s still time to make this wish come true! We thank those who have already given to the Action Campaign towards the search for a cure of arthritis.

We’re here for you all year ’round and we want you to know that we care. We hope to send you our warmest wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season and a joyful new year!  May you eat and drink in moderation, laugh and smile a lot, and spend the holidays as comfortably and as pain-free as possible!

The Arthritis Foundation, Mid Atlantic Region is always striving to provide you with ways to live an optimal lifestyle of wellness – mind, body, and spirit! So let’s move together towards better health and a cure for arthritis as we head into 2011!

Stay Well,

The Arthritis Foundation, Mid Atlantic Region


Ashley Boynes, a.k.a. “Arthritis Ashley”

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