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Some Startling Arthritis Statistics – by Ashley Boynes

Did You Know…..


50 million Americans have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. That’s 22% of the population, and 1-in-5 adults!


The previous arthritis statistic has risen at a rate of approximately 1 million people every year over the last 4 years!


1-in-10 Americans skip or struggle w/ ‘everyday’ activities like climbing stairs or grocery shopping b/c of arthritis.


Arthritis costs the US economy $128 BILLION per year. Yet another motivation (among many!) to help find a cure!


Sad statistic – 31% of US 18-64 year olds with arthritis can’t work, or report work limitations.


Arthritis is the number one MOST common disability.


32 percent of veterans surveyed in 36 States had been diagnosed with arthritis, compared with 22 percent of non-veterans, representing a 50% increased risk for arthritis for veterans.


1,000,000 joints will be replaced this year alone


Arthritis results in 44 million physician visits and almost 1,000,000 hospitalizations.


Without appropriate interventions, the number of Americans with arthritis is expected to increase to 67 million Americans within the next 20 years.


300,000 kids (and growing!) are affected by Juvenile Arthritis.


This is unacceptable. Fight arthritis! Create awareness! Let’s find a CURE! We need arthritis research to find better avenues for treatment and a cure! TAKE ACTION by becoming an advocate, writing to congress, and/or donating to the cause.

Stay well,

Ashley Boynes

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5 thoughts on “Some Startling Arthritis Statistics – by Ashley Boynes

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  2. Interesting stats, but it’s not clear what kind of arthritis the statistics cover. Auto-immune type (all ages) or natural wear and tear (osteo)?? Stats don’t go very far toward dispelling myths if a clear distinction isn’t made.

    • Hi, thanks, we are always mindful of distinguishing between all of the different types of arthritis when necessary. However, the reason that there isn’t a clear distinction is in this blog post is because these are the statistics for any arthritis diagnosis. (RA, OA, Psoriatic, etc.) The Arthritis Foundation recognizes about 117 rheumatic and connective tissue diseases that are “types” of arthritis or related conditions. For example, according to the NIH, about 1.3 million have Rheumatoid Arthritis, about 21 million have osteoarthritis, about 1 million have psoriatic arthritis, and so on. These stats are for arthritis in general and are from the Arthritis Foundation and Arthritis Today Magazine. We do acknowledge that there are many different types and many different related disorders. We also acknowledge that many people have more than one type that may overlap. The CDC and NIH are great resources for finding the breakdown for specific diseases or conditions. Thanks for reading and for the comment! 🙂 – Ashley

      • Thanks for the clarification!! (I still think OA doesn’t belong in the same category as RA/Psoriatic/Lupus and related autoimmune diseases, but that’s a discussion for another day. [grin]

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