I started a new project on Facebook and Instagram called the Ultimate You Rheuminders Series (brought to you by Arthritis Ashley!) These share-able messages are little snippets of advice, positivity, or empowerment for patients living with RA and other debilitating illnesses — but they can also apply to anyone from someone living with chronic pain, … Continue reading

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Talking About Pain: Can It Affect The Way We Feel? – by Ashley Boynes

Last week, I challenged Facebook friends to describe their chronic illness in 3 words. Many of these people had Rheumatoid Arthritis and similar conditions, and many of them used words such as “frustrating, isolating, ugly, lonely, indescribable, difficult, invisible, painful, hurting, tiring, depressing, agonizing, expensive, challenging, life-changing, annoying, misunderstood, tearful, excruciating, exhausting, consuming, limiting” and … Continue reading