The 2013 Juvenile Arthritis Conference – by Ashley Boynes-Shuck

    #‎KidsGetArthritisToo‬ – It’s Juvenile Arthritis Conference time! There is currently a live Instagram feed on the JA conference page on arthritis.org up now. Any photo uploaded to Instagram with the hash tag #kidsgetarthritistoo will be shown on this feed. Sessions on Friday and Saturday will be live streamed onwww.arthritis.org/jaconf. The sessions that will be … Continue reading


SharecareNow Names Top Arthritis Influencers – by Ashley Boynes-Shuck

SharecareNow, a website that is affiliated with Dr. Mehmet Oz, has used a complex algorithm to figure out the Top 10 Rheumatoid Arthritis Online Influencers, and “Arthritis Ashley” — the author of this blog — was one of them! Check out the rest:  More info can be found, here.  Congratulations to all of these wonderful … Continue reading

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Social Media for Support: E-Patients Using the Internet to Cope with Arthritis & Chronic Illness – by Ashley Boynes-Shuck

Support groups are a great way to cope with illness or disability. In today’s world, online support groups and social networks are a great way to belong to a health community where you can interact with others who “get” what you are going through. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and even Pinterest offer patients the chance to … Continue reading

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The Time to Advocate is Now! Arthritis Advocacy and Our Health – by Ashley Boynes-Shuck

I’ve shared ways to advocate in the past, but there’s no time like the present to get involved if you haven’t already. You may or not be aware of this but Congress has appointed a “Super Committee” to find ways to reduce government spending. This is an important task, yet we as patients and advocates … Continue reading

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Being An Educated & Empowered Patient – by Ashley Boynes

When it comes to treatment options for rheumatic conditions and other chronic illnesses, the rule of thumb is usually, “try, try again.” With so many treatments out there, it can get confusing for anyone, no matter how educated you are! That being said, the more empowered and educated that you are as a patient, the … Continue reading