How Does Cold Weather Affect RA? – AND – Could Balancing Gut Bacteria Be The Key to Unlocking RA?
Arthritis / Arthritis Ashley / arthritis blog / Autoimmune / healthline / Juvenile Arthritis / rheum awareness How Does Cold Weather Affect RA? – AND – Could Balancing Gut Bacteria Be The Key to Unlocking RA?

Here are two more Healthline articles for ya! Both were enjoyable and interesting to write. The first, discusses, quite simply, cold weather and arthritis. It talks about how cold climates and winter weather can have a negative impact on RA suffers or increase rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. The second talks about gut health and RA. Specifically, it … Continue reading

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25 Ways to Stay Active Indoors – Even if you Have Arthritis! – by Ashley Boynes-Shuck

It is often hard for people with arthritis to exercise as frequently as we want to — and it is even more difficult when we are confined indoors during these winter months, which, for many, are colder and with worse weather. But, have no worries, have no fear — here is a list of 25 … Continue reading

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Cozy Up but Keep On Moving: Tips for Staying Active in the Winter Months – by Ashley Boynes

For many across the country, the winter months mean colder weather. It is easy for anyone to use snow, rain, chilly air, or freezing temperatures as an excuse for becoming depressed and inactive during the winter season. It is REALLY easy for those of us with arthritis to do so. However, we must learn to … Continue reading

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Some Anecdotes & Some Silver Lining: Stories of arthritic hands, Lady Gaga, and advocating for yourself and your health! ~ Ashley’s Health Diary, Entry #26

Entry #26 – December 3rd, 2010 I’ve got a few interesting antecdotes to share in this entry, and so I’ll split it up into a few separate stories, if you all don’t mind! First let me tell you about my hands. (Bear with me here!)  In a previous post, I bemoaned my “ugly hands” and … Continue reading