Rant Time: Don’t “Quantify” the Sick Girl
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Rant Time: Don’t “Quantify” the Sick Girl

You know how it’s rude to say things like, “you throw okay … for a girl.” Or, “you run pretty fast … for being so big.” It’s also somewhat insulting to say things like, “wow! You’ve accomplished so much … despite being sick.” No, I haven’t accomplished a lot “for being a sick girl.” I’ve … Continue reading

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Arthritis and Chronic Illness: Stripping Away Labels and Stigma – by Ashley Boynes-Shuck

When I was in graduate school, I took one psychology course that was oriented towards special education. One important thing that I took away from it was that we should always use, “people-first” language. At the time, I only thought of it in the realm of dealing with children with special needs, but, now, I … Continue reading

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In a Perfect World – A Life Without Illness: What Would You Do? – by Ashley Boynes

 Today there was a “trending topic” on Twitter that simply said, “Serious Question” and provoked users to ask their followers a serious question to answer. I thought about what I’d like to hear from my “tweeps” – especially those who are chronically ill or disabled – and the question I decided to pose was, “We … Continue reading