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In a Perfect World – A Life Without Illness: What Would You Do? – by Ashley Boynes

 Today there was a “trending topic” on Twitter that simply said, “Serious Question” and provoked users to ask their followers a serious question to answer. I thought about what I’d like to hear from my “tweeps” – especially those who are chronically ill or disabled – and the question I decided to pose was, “We all know that most of our chronic ailments cannot be ‘cured’ as of now… but if granted 100% good health for an entire year, or even just a summer, zero pain or sickness, what would you want to do or accomplish?!?”

So, in a perfect world, in a life without illness, what would YOU do?

I’ll share some of my answers.

I’d play softball again. I miss it so much!!!!!! I’d like to play on a co-ed fall league, or some kind of casual women’s league someday. I must say, I used to be REALLY good!

I’d take up running and do a 10K. A half or a marathon is just too far-fetched for someone who’s never been a runner…but I’d love to be able to run. It’s still a goal of mine in this life to do a 5K sometime. We’ll see!

I’d write my novel “comfortably,” being able to type without pain. Even writing this blog, my right hand is killing me. I want to write a book, but it just seems really hard. I may try Mac Dictate software again to try to just “talk” my words instead of typing. I don’t want to let this prevent me from writing, though – so I just signed up for a summer novel-writing class!

I’d get pregnant during this time (after I’m married, of course 😉 ) knowing I could and not have to worry about going off my meds. The thought of having to stop my medications during pregnancy is scary! But, I know, it will all be worth it in the end, and, luckily, some people go into remission!

I’d try rock-climbing. My fiance is planning a whitewater rafting and rock-climbing trip and I wish I could partake in things like that.

OH, and – bagels. I’d eat lots of bagels and other glutenous food! 🙂

I’d go on a Mission Trip to Africa! My church goes there every so often. I’d LOVE to do something like that! I know I couldn’t with my  health, though.

Scrapbooking is on the list, too! I’ve been collecting things to start a wedding scrapbook but it seems that any time I have the free time, my hands are flaring or I’m sick! I will complete it eventually, though!

Lastly, I’d have an uber-clean house for once, because I’d be more able to keep up on it! 😉

Notice that most of these things can or will be achieved in some form, eventually. I don’t want to ever write anything off!  First off, there’s always a chance that we’ll soon have a cure – at least in our lifetimes! Additionally, who’s to say that I won’t or I can’t do these things?  It might just take time and some modifications.

How can you adapt your goals to be more easily met?

For example, when I posted this question, a lot of people said they’d travel. Well, I’m GOING to travel. I love to travel. I will NOT let my RA or other conditions stand in my way of that! 🙂

The best thing about being healthy would be NO medications! NO doctor’s visits! NO infusions! Yes, it’d be nice to get rid of pain and being sick but I’d love not having to take meds and being able to be “natural” and drug-free!

I have faith that I’ll accomplish most of these things despite my ailments. It may be different than I expected, or take longer or be more difficult, but if I can even “do” a few of these things, it will be amazing. And, I’m not going to stop ’til I get there!

So, together, let’s take some baby-steps towards meeting our goals! Example: I signed up for the novel-writing class. I have been collecting things to start my scrapbook when I’m able and ready. In the summer, we go to the batting cages when I’m feeling OK, so that I can get my softball fix! I clean when I can. I try to stay active in other ways – I’m looking into trying Bikram Hot Yoga and hope to start my ballet classes soon if I ever have a not-busy, flare-free Thursday! 😉   And, while I can’t go on a mission trip to Africa, I am sponsoring a child there, in Mali, named Awa.

We all can do SOMETHING! What we resist persists, so if you keep working against your illnesses or disabilities, instead of working with them, you’ll never win – remember that! And, good luck achieving your goals in YOUR version of a perfect world…because we are all perfect as we are, and we are all as we are meant to be.

Please share your thoughts, feelings, and stories! Let’s encourage one another to live the best lives we can with our conditions!

Stay well,

Ashley Boynes

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2 thoughts on “In a Perfect World – A Life Without Illness: What Would You Do? – by Ashley Boynes

  1. Cedar Point! I miss roller coasters! Also sky-diving, riding my ATV again, playing Tennis, scuba diving, all of the adrenaline-fueled activity that I used to do or never go to do before my Spondylitis took over.

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