NSAIDs Relieve Arthritis Pain, but Are Tougher on the Tummy than Celebrex
Arthritis / Autoimmune / chronic illness / invisible illness / Juvenile Arthritis / Lupus / RA awareness / Types of Arthritis NSAIDs Relieve Arthritis Pain, but Are Tougher on the Tummy than Celebrex

Did you know … ?    Using NSAIDs to treat rheumatoid arthritis is pretty common, but damage to the stomach may be a cause for concern. Drugs like Celebrex seem to cause fewer digestive side effects. Read more of what I discovered while writing this Healthline article, here. Link:  Continue reading

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The Great Debate: Alcohol and Arthritis by Ashley Boynes-Shuck

Like all great debates, there are opinions — and evidence — on both sides of the “alcohol and arthritis”  issue.  Some studies show that moderate alcohol intake is actually good for arthritis/inflammation….but many people with the conditions say that drinking worsens their symptoms. Of course, there are also the medications — many of which state … Continue reading

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Life As I Know It: The Gratitude Attitude! – Ashley’s Health Diary – Entry #25

November 17, 2010 Well, as always, a lot has happened since I last journaled in this, my online “health diary!” Life as I know it is always changing, always growing, always evolving – a roller coaster of ups and downs, goods and bads! But, isn’t that what life is – a wild ride that we’re … Continue reading