#RealTalkRA Summit: Pharma, Fun, and Friends
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#RealTalkRA Summit: Pharma, Fun, and Friends

  This week, I was invited by Pfizer to attend the 2017 Real Talk Summit in New York City. While they did compensate me for my time and took care of accommodations, I’m going to go ahead and disclaim now that they are NOT paying me for this blog post, and did NOT ask *or* … Continue reading

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Arthritis and Chronic Illness: Stripping Away Labels and Stigma – by Ashley Boynes-Shuck

When I was in graduate school, I took one psychology course that was oriented towards special education. One important thing that I took away from it was that we should always use, “people-first” language. At the time, I only thought of it in the realm of dealing with children with special needs, but, now, I … Continue reading