Your Story Counts: Help Further Autoimmune Disease Research Today
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Your Story Counts: Help Further Autoimmune Disease Research Today

Autoimmune diseases can be serious, and the following video includes just some of the faces of the millions of people who live with these often-invisible illnesses. Today is #WorldArthritisDay. I personally live with just one of many autoimmune forms of arthritis. But did you know that arthritis, and joint & muscle pain, are also common … Continue reading

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Coping while Giving Back: The Health Benefits of Doing Good by Ashley Boynes-Shuck

Lately, I’ve been astounded by the amount of people who comment upon my strength and positivity in the face of my multiple health problems. A lot of them have the same question: how do I cope? I have thought about it, and I’d like to answer that question for you now. The truth is — … Continue reading