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Your Story Counts: Help Further Autoimmune Disease Research Today

Autoimmune diseases can be serious, and the following video includes just some of the faces of the millions of people who live with these often-invisible illnesses.

Today is #WorldArthritisDay. I personally live with just one of many autoimmune forms of arthritis. But did you know that arthritis, and joint & muscle pain, are also common symptoms of other autoimmune diseases, too?

So this World Arthritis Day (and beyond!) I ask you to watch the video below, and then head to the following link to make a donation of $5 and up to help further autoimmune disease research and aid in better connecting doctors, researchers, and patients.

As I lay here, a week after turning 34 years old, I should not have to be nursing a total knee replacement because of an immune system that has attacked my body ever since childhood. It isn’t normal; it isn’t right. Something has to be done. These life-altering diseases deserve the same research and recognition that other illnesses garner.

ANY donation helps … and any donation counts. And if you have an autoimmune illness, please join the Autoimmune Registry​ at by filling out our newly-updated survey … because your story counts, too!

Donate today:

Watch the fundraising video on YouTube or below.


Need closed-captioning? Watch the video with captions HERE.



Can you spare $5? 💰

Maybe skip that Starbucks latte, that beer at happy hour, that new lipgloss, or that magazine at the grocery checkout?

Just five dollars can help us better the connection between autoimmune patients and autoimmune disease research.

Please, #GimmeAFive🖐🏽 Donate today.


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