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How Much Do Our Emotions and Life Decisions Contribute to Our Disease Symptoms?


I read a really interesting piece recently about some symptoms of chronic illnesses being, not caused by, but, exacerbated by, one’s life being out-of-balance or on the wrong path i.e. wrong career, wrong spouse or romantic partner, no spiritual compass, minimal friends or social prospects, little community involvement, too much focus on the self or the past, not enough focus on yourself, not enough to hope for or live for in the future, holding on to regrets, staying in a bad or unfulfilled personal or professional situation, and so on.

It wasn’t speaking on clinical depression, but rather, general dissatisfaction and a lack of fulfillment in one’s life, and how that can take a physical toll on us. It talked about making bad (or simply wrong-for-us) choices, regretting decisions or paths taken, and so on. Basically, it alluded to the fact that the accumulation of these negative outcomes or experiences can consequently clog up our positive pathways and slow down our body’s chi. In essence, it dulls our spirits and stifles our souls, causing physical discomfort, stress, and other tangible, palpable, ongoing symptoms.

Do any of you have any life experiences that would corroborate this theory? Any doctors or medical professionals want to chime in?

Do you feel that your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves are all in harmony with one another?

Or are they working against one another? How can you break the negative cycle that can be caused by these areas being out of sync in your life?

We need to be healthy on the WHOLE. Physicality and biologically are not the only components of true health, happiness, and wholeness.

Just some food for thought.

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