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Walk It Up! – by Ashley Boynes

The time is here for you to register for your local Arthritis Foundation Arthritis Walk!

Not only that, but yesterday, April 6th, was National “Start Walking” Day, and, the month of April is also Physical Wellness Month.

So, what better time to get moving?! Spring is upon us, and, new research recently published in Arthritis Today states that walking and running do not cause osteoarthritis, but are actually GOOD for your knee joints!

Staying active is hard while living with ANY of the forms of arthritis, but, getting some physical activity that is within your abilities is good for you, regardless of which type you have!

Make sure that if you are going to begin walking that you have proper shoes. You may want to speak with your rheumatologist about which are best for you. You also may want to walk with a friend, or your dog, as it may make the walk more enjoyable for you. Also, remember not to overdo it, but also remember that you’re doing this for your health – and with today being World Health Day, what better day to start?

Let’s Move Together!

To find an arthritis walk near you, check out

Join or start a team, and you’ll  join thousands across the country in walking to raise arthritis awareness and also to raise funding for arthritis research – as well as starting on your journey to a healthy new you!

Stay well,

Ashley Boynes

Text the word MOVE to 50555 to give $5 to the Arthritis Foundation!

When prompted please reply with YES to confirm your gift.  Msg & Data rates may apply.  Full terms at


3 thoughts on “Walk It Up! – by Ashley Boynes

  1. I whole heartedly believe this is true… I love to walk. I feel so much better as far as fatigue and my joints go. Ty for this Ashley! 🙂

  2. Walking is great, I find it relaxing and good time to clear my mind. I walk with my 3lb weights sometimes to add a little more into the mix.

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