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What’s Your ‘Weapon’ Against Arthritis? – by Ashley Boynes-Shuck



I recently read an article about writing being a good way to “beat the blues.”

There was scientific evidence behind it, but, more importantly, I can attest to the validity of it on a personal level.

The Arthritis Foundation encourages us all to have a “weapon against arthritis.” Most of these weapons of choice are physical – from doing yoga or tai chi, hiking or biking, swimming, golf, or tennis, etc. to stay active and combat arthritis pain.

However, there are other weapons, too, I think. In my personal experience, I’d say that in addition to riding a bike, yoga, and walking my dog, that writing, faith and prayer, meditation, the love of my pets, balance between activity and rest, volunteering, doing things I enjoy, a good relationship with my doctors, proper diet and sleep, and of course the support system of family, friends, and loved ones are my weapons against arthritis.  And gratitude. Gratitude is a great weapon against any adversity in life!

I think that there is more to it than exercise – though, as we all know, exercise is vital! We have to have things that we can do that are therapeutic to us in helping to deal with chronic pain and illness. Sometimes, these are physical things – taking a walk, stretching, taking an exercise class, and so forth. Other times, they aren’t so tangible – friendship, love, passion, compassion.

There are many weapons against arthritis and chronic illness out there. So choose yours, and let’s fight arthritis together!

Stay Well,


Ashley Boynes-Shuck

What’s YOUR weapon against arthritis?

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3 thoughts on “What’s Your ‘Weapon’ Against Arthritis? – by Ashley Boynes-Shuck

    • Even something as simple as stretching or basic range-of-motion exercises are better than nothing! You should ask your doctor. You would be surprised — there’s usually always something you can do, even if seemingly small, it is better than remaining inactive, and your body will thank you in the long run!! Good luck! 🙂

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