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Check out Track + React: A New Online Interactive Arthritis Self-Management Tool – by Ashley Boynes

The Arthritis Foundation is striving to help cultivate an interactive online arthritis nation to help people live better with arthritis. In doing so, they’ve created an awesome new interactive online tool called Track + React – and the best part is, it’s FREE!

People with any form of arthritis or rheumatic disease can log on to track daily sleep, nutrition, exercise, medication adherence, mood, stress, arthritis pain level, stiffness, fatigue and more. Basically, it will be a sort of online “journal” to help you keep track of your overall health and how you’re feeling day-to-day with arthritis! There is an arthritis impact graph that shows how daily activities, foods, sleep, etc. affect arthritis symptoms and vice versa. With this, you get instant results – the personalized Arthritis Impact graph that reveals the potential relationship between your actions and your symptoms – pretty cool, right? This will help to identify trends over  extended periods of time and can be printed out to share with your rheumatologist!

This tool uses a simple, intuitive interface (just click or slide) to capture key daily activities and to track your symptoms. It’s really neat, and I recommend trying it out! After all, it just makes sense. There is a powerful connection between what you do and how you feel, whether you recognize that or not. With Track + React, you will see the rewards of better self-management. It’s safe, too. This is a fully private environment to record whatever you want to record. What you enter, the options – and the results – are yours.

There’s some great advice and some great tips to help you achieve a healthful lifestyle of optimal wellness while living with any of the various forms of arthritis and related disease. It touches upon everything. Food? Eating nutrient-rich foods can improve overall health, energy and weight. Fitness? Being physically active can decrease arthritis pain and improve your joint function. Sleep? A sound night’s sleep provides critical time for your body and mind to recover from the day and charge up for the day ahead. Meds? Track + React allows you to safely and securely record your medications in a way that’s easiest for you to remember. Life? Monitoring your emotional wellbeing is just as important as tracking your physical health. Symptoms? A record of your daily arthritis symptoms can be especially valuable when considered over time. With Track + React, you can record five symptoms, from arthritis pain, stiffness and fatigue to mood and joint function. Recording all of these equals the big payoff: results. You can see the relationship between your habits and your health, and, then you’ll have the tools and knowledge to see real results in bettering your health.

I know that I’m going to sign up for this free service, and you can check it out today, too, at!

Leave a comment once you try it out, and please let me know what you think! Try Track + React  now!

Stay well,

Ashley Boynes

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