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Get My Book Sick Idiot: On Sale Now!


The time has come: Sick Idiot has arrived!

You can now order my funny-yet-inspiring nonfiction health memoir, Sick Idiot, in paperback!

Chapter titles include:

  • “That Time I Cried On The Pitcher’s Mound and Saw My Grandma’s Doctor”
  • “That Time I Was a Cheerleader … With Arthritis … On A Hit-List”
  • “That Time I Had a Beef With Gluten and a Nun”
  • “That Time I Met *NSync And Years Later Finished My Health Memoir”

… and more!

Read the description and author bio, below:

Sick Idiot:

“From trips to see Oprah to trips to the emergency room, herein lie the sometimes-funny, sometimes-ridiculous, sometimes-inspiring, but always-true stories of Arthritis Ashley and her ups and downs while navigating life with chronic illness. After dealing with invisible illness since childhood, Ashley has learned to stay smiling, stay positive, and keep a sense of humor through all of life’s unpredictable twists and turns — and she’s definitely more than a Sick Idiot. From hit lists to hospitals to hair salons, there is never a dull moment… or a right way to be sick. Limp along as we observe a journey that hasn’t always been easy — but has always been worth it.”

About the Author:

“Ashley Boynes-Shuck is a writer, health coach, public speaker, and advocate based out of Pittsburgh, PA, where she lives with her husband and (many) pets. She has been writing for as long as she can remember. Ashley is the author of a fiction novel called To Exist and is known in the online chronic illness community as Arthritis Ashley. Her passions include reading, writing, animals, wellness, fashion, volunteering, and helping others. Through her writing and advocacy work, Ashley hopes to uplift and inspire young people living with health problems. You can learn more by visiting her websites and”

Order your copy of Sick Idiot on Amazon or CreateSpace today!

It will be available on ebook for your Kindle coming soon, and keep an eye out for it on other websites/bookstores in the near future.

Happy Reading!

PS: A Portion of Proceeds from Sick Idiot will go to 1 of 10 hand-selected health charities!

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